Pornsanee does it again. Pornsanee Sitmonchai (red shorts) overcomes a huge cut from Saksuriya Ghaiyanghadao (blue shorts) and gets another win in true PORN style!

16 year old Muay Thai Superstar.

Saengmanee Sor Tienpo


Lumpinee belt 105 lbs

Raja belt 108 lbs

S-1 World Champion  110lbs

Raja belt 112 lbs


Raja belt 115 lbs

Muay Thai is beautiful.

Buakaw knows…..cement?


The other member of the Auddonmuang Dynamic Duo. The king of the bowl cut…Diesellek!

Diesellek Auddonmuang (Blue Shorts) shows his aggressive style against Pakon Sakyothin (Red Shorts)

The Knees of Wanchalerm Auddonmuang!

Another impressive performance for Wanchalerm Auddonmuang(Red Shorts) vs. Tongchai Sittongsak (Blue Shorts).

Diesellek Audonmuang. King of the Bowl Cut! Another one of the strong fighters out of the Audonmuang Gym!

Had the pleasure of meeting one of Thailand’s hottest young fighters during my most recent trip. Wanchalerm Aud DonMuang. Reminds me of a young Saiyok or Jomthong. Super talented and fights with BAD INTENTIONS!

It’s been a whirlwind week in Thailand!

Hello everyone!

What a week it has been so far. Too much has happened for me to put into one blog. This entry will just give you a quick update. And I will go into further details and break down events further in future posts.

I last left you off in Bangkok. Having just arrived and unable to sleep. Day 2 would set the pace for the next few days.

Grabbed some new gear at Actionzone sports. New shorts, handwraps and a nice Bruce Lee themed pair of gloves as well. If you’ve never been to Actionzone sports in Bangkok…you should make it a point to go. Best prices I’ve seen in Thailand. The staff there is super friendly as well. Just a quick walk up the street from MBK, or simply get off the SkyTrain at National Stadium and walk up for about 5-10 minutes.

After picking up the new gear…it was off to Lumpinee Stadium to meet up with my friend Nicola. Nicola is a friend that I met at Sinbi back in 2009, and probably one of the best female fighters I’ve had the pleasure to train with and watch fight. 

Then came the pivotal point in the day. Just earlier, I had finally gotten a SIM card for my phone. First call I made was to my trainer Met, who had prepared me for my last fight. I believe Met to be one of the best trainers in all of Thailand. I mentioned to him that I had arrived in BKK and would like to visit him…and also mentioned that..there was the off chance that I would MAYBE do some training. Given that ..I was on about 2 hours sleep and still dealing with being crammed in an airplane for close to 24 hours.

Even though WPT Gym is in Bangkok. ( CLICK HERE FOR WPT Website ), It was still a good hour and a bit away from where we were staying in Bangkok. 

Arrived at the gym just past 4. It was so good to see Met. Still the stern, all business look to him, but this time around, I’d noticed that he was smiling….or at least smirking a lot more! The gym was small, and quaint. Just about what a Bangkok gym should look like. Not many bells and whistles…just a place to sharpen your skills and do some serious Muay Thai. Of course, if you know me by now…within a few minutes of arriving, I asked Met if we could train. And without missing a beat, Met set myself, Nicola and Owen off on a run.

It was a quick 3km run..but it was HOT! But man…did I love it! It’s been 3 years since I’ve been back to Thailand and done anything that resembled any PROPER training. Being a trainer back home..I don’t get to spend much time honing my skills. That is a matter I shall have to remedy at some point.

After the run, we were back at the gym, stretching and putting on our handwraps. 

Met had told me that there were 2 kids from the UK currently at the gym, but in the 3 days that I spent at the gym..I never saw them train once. There are always those who seem to do that in Thailand though. Come for the purpose of training..but they either get bored or burned out..or whatever. I think I’ve roomed with a few of those in the past in Thailand.

Having said that…looking around, there was Met and another great trainer named Bee. 2 strong young looking Thai boys, and me, Nicola and Owen. Let the torture begin. 

I’m pretty sure I mentioned to Met that it had been 3 years since I trained, but he might have either missed that, or just chosen to ignore that fact. It’s like we picked up where we left off those 3 years ago. With one slight difference. A common thing I would here the next few days would be Met saying “Lanny…3 years you no train? Before you no fat. Now you fat!” Followed by a quick squeeze of my gut and a giggle…that did wonders for my ego! LOL. But he’s right. I have no defense. 

We did 3 rounds of shadow boxing where Met was meticulous about technique. It felt so good to be taught by a true master of the craft again. But by the end of the shadow boxing..I was pretty much DONE! Even Nicola, who is a MACHINE looked at me and mouthed..”are we done yet!?” ..We were FAR from being done. Next was 3 rounds of pad work. 5 minutes each round! I’ll just skim over that part. It was HARD. My calves cramped. I was DONE. Beyond the pad work…we had some bag work and sit ups.

A day where we had nothing much planned had turned into an amazing training session. It was also at this point that we decided that we would move to the gym the next morning. We would be lucky enough to get 3 more full sessions in with Met and Bee at WPT gym.

There is…so much more to this story though. 

When we were finished training that first day. Met said to me, ” Lanny, you want to go eat with Jomhod?” I kind of had to do a double take.

Let me give you some backstory on Jomhod. February 7th, was set to be a big day in Muay Thai. In the recent years, Muay Thai’s popularity has dissipated a bit in Thailand. This has brought the rise of a brash young promoter. Son of a already famous Lumpinee promotor. You may have seen the Sarm A video of him kicking 50 times? (IF NOT CLICK HERE) It’s videos like that, and the use of social media that Nattadej has been trying to use to bring the sport into the social media age. Well anyways. Nattadej has become the NEWEST promoter of Rachadamnern Stadium (one of the big 2…Lumpinee being the other). And to kick off the new promotion he put on a SUPER CARD, featuring most of the top fighters in Thailand. One of the special fights on this card was a rematch between Somrak Sor Khamsing and Jomhod Kiatadisak, and there was a 6 Million Baht (roughly $201,700.00 Canadian $’s). Jomhod had won their first fight and took home a cool 4 Million Baht.



So…let’s go back. Did Met just as if we wanted to go have dinner with Johmod, the night before his big fight?! So, of course..even though we were tired, and drenched, without a change of clothes. We couldn’t turn down such an opportunity. On my 2nd night in Bangkok…I was able to have dinner with a legend. Pretty good start right?

Unfortunately. Jomhod lost the rematch…but I’ll write more about that in a future post. As I mentioned. So much has happened in the past week, that I will have to break them up in to different posts.

I’m currently in Phuket. Back at my home gym of Sinbi Muay Thai. Have got a couple of training sessions under my belt here as well. In need of my afternoon nap. So thanks for reading. More to come. Soon.